How to Install MARE on your WordPress Blog

If you didn’t already know, WordPress is a hugely popular blogging platform that lets anybody publish content to their very own website quickly an easily. WordPress also has a huge community of plugin developers that work to release plugins or new features to the existing WordPress framework. started out as a WordPress plugin, so we know very well the power of this integration.


Installing and setting up MARE Surveys on your WordPress blog is easy with our WordPress Plugin.


Here’s how to setup your account, install the WordPress plugin:


1. Setup your account


This is the easiest step. Head over to the homepage, and signup. It takes just a few seconds, and is absolutely free.


2. Create a new site within your MARE account


In order to host your MARE Surveys on your WordPress blog, you first need to setup a new site. MARE lets you display surveys on as many websites as you like, so you can always come back and change this information in the future.


From the MARE admin panel, simply click on “My Sites” from the ACCOUNT heading.




This will take you to the sites page. Enter the URL of your website in the “Add new site” form, and click “Save and Get Tracker Code”.


add new site


This will create your site, and generate the tracking code.


active survey


At this point you can copy your MARE Surveys public key located at the top of the page.


public key


3. Install the MARE WordPress Plugin


You can find the MARE Surveys WordPress Plugin here. You will need to install it into your WordPress website.


To do so, click on “Add New” under the “Plugins” heading in your WordPress admin panel.


add new plugin


Then search for “MARE” in the plugins page.


search plugin


Finally, click “Install Now” next to the “Popup Surveys and Polls” Plugin. This is the MARE plugin.


mare plugin


This will install the MARE plugin to your WordPress website.


4. Copy over your Public Key


Next, you need to install MARE public key.


First, go to the “ Surveys” option in your WordPress admin panel.


mare settings


Next, enter in the Public Key from your MARE account. This is the same key that was in the MARE “My Sites” page.


public key


Simply copy and paste this key into the Surveys options page in WordPress.


mare survey settings

After entering the key, your website should populate under the “ Website” section, select your site, and click “Save Changes.”


That’s it


Your integration between MARE Surveys and your WordPress blog is complete. Simply create a survey from within your MARE account, and it will start to display on your WordPress blog.

If you run into any trouble, please leave us a comment below, or contact us directly at [email protected].


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