Installing MARE on a Weebly website

The MARE tracking code can be installed on any website as long as you have access to edit the HTML of your site.

To install MARE website surveys on your Weebly website, you will need to edit the theme of your website, and add the MARE tracking code anywhere before the ending </body> tag.

You can find your MARE website tracking code by doing the following:

1. Log in to MARE at

2. Click on "My Sites" on the main administrator menu

3. Click on "Get Tracker Code" for the site that you would like to setup.

NOTE: If you do not have a website setup in MARE yet, you can add one by entering your domain name in the "Add New Site" form, and clicking on "Save and Get Tracker Code."

4. Copy and paste the entire MARE tracking code onto your site. This will activate MARE on your Weebly site. As soon as you publish a survey inside MARE, you will start to see surveys display on your website.

To read more about editing your Weebly template, follow this link:


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