Installing MARE on a Magento website

Installing MARE website surveys on your Magento website is easy. Here are the steps:

Grab the site code from MARE:

1. Log in to MARE at

2. Click on "My Sites" on the main administrator menu

3. Click on "Get Tracker Code" for the site that you would like to setup.

NOTE: If you do not have a website setup in MARE yet, you can add one by entering your domain name in the "Add New Site" form, and clicking on "Save and Get Tracker Code."

Copy and paste this code onto your Magento site:

1. Open up the footer configuration in Magento - System -> Configuration -> Design -> Footer.

2. Here you will find a textarea field that reads Miscellaneous HTML. Copy and paste your MARE tracker code into this box.

NOTE: If there is code already in this textarea field, add the MARE code before or after the existing code.

That's it! Your MARE survey tracker code should now be installed.


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