Creating an email optin form in your survey

Creating an email optin form as a part of your survey can be useful for driving additional leads and newsletter signups to your website.

Here are the steps to create an email optin form on your website survey in MARE:

1. Create a new survey or edit an existing survey

2. Create a new question in your survey

If you are creating a new survey, you will be automatically brought to the new survey question screen.

If you are editing an existing survey, you can add a question by clicking on the "Add Question" button on the edit screen

3. Choose Email Form as the question type


4. Edit the Survey Question, and other options of your form

You can now edit the survey question and other options of your form.

5. [Optional] Add additional email form fields (MARE Plus+ Only)

If you'd like to collect more than one field in your email form, you can add a new field by clicking the "Add a Field" link.

6. [Optional] Add an email map for newsletter integrations

If you'd like to have your signups go directly into a newsletter program that we support, then you need to map one of the form fields as the email field of your optin form.

Email integrations will not work if your email form does not have a mapped field. If you have only one field, MARE will default to this field.



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