Integrating your account with Get Response

Using the Get Response account integration, you can connect your MARE account to your Get Response account, and send any web lead that is created in one of your surveys to your Get Response account.

To setup the integration, you will need the following:

  • An active Get Response account with at least one campaign in it
  • Your Get Response API Key

First, to find your Get Response API Key, you can follow the steps outlined in their support article here:

Now you're ready to setup the integration with MARE.

First, go to the Account Settings -> Integrations section in your MARE account.

Next, enter your Get Response API Key into the input box in the Get Response section


Once you enter a valid API Key, the list of campaigns will populate

Simply choose a campaign to add your emails to, and you're done. 

NOTE: Get Response requires a Name field to be a part of the lead that is sent. This means you will need to map both the Name and Email fields when creating your lead form in the edit survey screen. If you do not map both of these fields, the name field will be sent as "NA".



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