Displaying your survey on specific URLs

In order to display your MARE website survey only on specific URLs, you can use the URL filter option to tell MARE which types of URLs are ok, or exclude URLs where you do not want a survey to display.

To edit the URL filter for a specific survey, first go to the Targeting Options Tab on the Edit Survey screen.

Click on View Surveys or Create a New Survey

Clicking on View Surveys will bring up a list of your existing surveys. On this screen, simply click on the name of the survey you want to edit. This will take you to the Edit Survey screen.

Click on the Targeting Options Tab


Next, scroll down to the URL Display Options section

This is where all of your URL filters will display for this survey. To add a filter, click on the Add URL Filter button.

This will create a new filter.

Each URL Filter consists of three elements:

  • Filter behavior - This determines if you want to include, exclude, or display after a URL
  • Match Type - This determines how exact the matching algorithm will be
  • URL - This is the URL you are targeting with this filter.

NOTE: The URL will be everything after your domain name.

For example:

You only need to include /some-page and not the entire URL.

Here is how the filter types work

  • Include - Include your survey only when this filter matches.
  • Exclude - Exclude your survey when this filter matches.
  • Display After - Display the survey on the page AFTER this filter matches.

Here is how the match types work

  • Match Any - Matches any url that starts with this filter (/YOUR FILTER/*).
  • Match Exact URL - Matches the URL exactly - including URL variables.
  • Match Exact Page - Matches the page exactly - ignores URL variables.

Filter examples

Example #1 - you want to include your survey on only one page, but that page may have url variables (everything after a question mark '?') on it that you want to ignore.

You would need one filter:

Example #2 - you want to include your survey on a subset of pages that are in a directory. For example, everything in the /blog/ section of your website.

You would need one filter:

Example #3 - you want to make sure that your survey doesn't display on the homepage.

You would need one filter:



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