How to embed a survey into your website

One way to display surveys on your website is to embed them directly into your website.

You can do this on any page that has the MARE tracking script installed.

Here's how:

1. Create a 'Stand Alone' type survey

Click on the Create Survey menu item in your MARE admin panel

Then choose Stand-alone as your survey type:

Edit the rest of your survey to add the questions and settings that you would like.

2. Publish your survey

Even an embedded survey will not function correctly if it is not published. You can publish your survey on the Review & Publish block of the edit survey screen.

3. Install the Embed Code into your website

On the Review & Publish block of the edit survey screen, you will see the embed code. It is located here:

The code will be in this format:

<div class="_mare_embed" data-mareid="[[MARE EMBED ID]]"></div>

Copy and paste this code to the location that you want your embedded survey to appear.

4. Customizing the code

By default, the new survey element will expand to the maximum width available where you embed the code.

If you want to limit the width of the element, you can do so with the data-marewidth attribute like so:

<div class="_mare_embed" data-mareid="[[MARE EMBED ID]]" data-marewidth="400px"></div>

Percentages also will work:

<div class="_mare_embed" data-mareid="[[MARE EMBED ID]]" data-marewidth="60%"></div>

The element will also resize itself to be the height of the survey. If you place the embed code in an element with a restricted height, it may prevent the survey from displaying correctly.


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