Using shortcodes to embed a survey on your Wordpress website

Wordpress users who have installed the MARE wordpress plugin can use shortcodes to embed surveys on their website.

Shortcodes are a Wordpress only feature, and can only be used on a Wordpress website with the MARE plugin installed.

To use a shortcode, follow these steps:

1. Create a 'Stand Alone' type survey

Click on the Create Survey menu item in your MARE admin panel

Then choose Stand-alone as your survey type:

Edit the rest of your survey to add the questions and settings that you would like.

2. Publish your survey

Even an embedded survey will not function correctly if it is not published. You can publish your survey on the Review & Publish block of the edit survey screen.

3. Get the shortcode from your Wordpress website

You will find the shortcode listed along with your surveys in the Surveys plugin page of your Wordpress admin panel:

You will find the shortcode under the name of the survey you just created:

Copy and paste this short code in it's entirety (including both square brackets) into the location of your Wordpress website that you want your survey to display.

4. That's it!

Your survey should now be embedded into your Wordpress website.


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